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Mike C Brubaker   (#64)   

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Houston, TX
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Brubaker and Associates, Inc.
7626 Hammerly Blvd

Houston, TX  

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Oct 21
Judi Brubaker

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Real estate appraisals
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Mike Brubaker has been an appraiser in Houston since 1981. After graduating from University of Houston with a degree in Architecture, he drifted into the appraisal business quite by accident. He opened Brubaker and Associates in 1988. The firm regularly performs 6,000 to 12,000 residential appraisals per year.

He is actively involved in the Houston Association of Professional Mortgage Women, the Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals and the Houston Association of Realtors, having served on each of their boards.

He is currently qualified as an instructor for the Appraisal Institute and the Texas Real Estate Commission. He is qualified as an expert in many Texas courts and is often asked to testify on complex valuation issues.

Mike has had a lot of fun nudging three sons toward adulthood, even though many will say he has yet to get there himself.  He fiddles with wrenches and screwdrivers and generally likes to have his hands occupied. If you have a lot of time available, ask him about his 67 GTO or 1955 Ford tractor.

Mikes activities tend to involve fluid motion like snow skiing, surfing, water skiing and motorcycles. He recently earned his pilot’s license and instrument rating and enjoys putting a plane in unusual attitudes. For Mike, watching is not a sport. Don’t ask him about the game on Sunday. He didn’t see it.

Mike’s communication skills are regularly fine-tuned as a result of his numerous public speaking and teaching activities. He teaches both basic and advanced appraisal courses, as well as current topic seminars.  His depth of knowledge in the appraisal field is widely known and his unique presentation skills make him a popular speaker at many real estate industry events both local and regional.